The Way to Everlasting Life Site
A story of a man who lived the life of the cross, all his life.
A marvellous miracle happened to him while he was being lifted up to heaven,
where he met Jesus and many saints who gave him messages to humanity.

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  1. The miracle PDF file (1998)
  2. St. Mary's message (1999)
  3. The final rapture – what Jesus told me and what I saw in garden of Eden
  4. Saint Moses The Black's message
  5. Saint John the Baptist's message
  6. Saint Karas's message
  7. Manna - Saint Shenouda Head of the Secluded's message
  8. Father Anthony's Message
  9. Important facts about Baptism
N.B. More messages and videos will be added as soon as they're subtitled. Help would be appreciated.